Melissa Jones- Singer-Song Writer, Poet, and Author

Music Poetry

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Released in March 2018: Black Girl Mango Seeds is a collection of poetry that examines the lives of black girls/women through personal narratives and stories that connect common experiences, through historical references and content and through current events in media and in news. Black girl mango seeds is both fruitful and vulnerable. It deals with a wide range of topics that reflect on trauma and triumphs. These poems highlight specific areas that are critical for Black women to create dialogue, to reflect on discomfort, and to celebrate all that makes black women magical.

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Released April 2014: Pineapple Grenades is a collection of poetry that uses the metaphor of war to describe heart breaking relationships on the battle field. This battle and violent story separates into three sections that describe the impact of heartache, the coping of being torn and injured, and lastly the strategies on how to attack back for a victory or retreat. Either way readers are left to choose their battle in this gut wrenching vivid experience of torn up hearts on the field.

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